Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new bridesmaid dress ideas

ok Dang I just saw this lady's etsy shop on the blog A Practical Wedding - and I am charmed! The prices are no worse than David's Bridal, and each dress is custom made to your size, and for a lot of the dresses it looks like you can choose different colors/patterns from the ones in the pictures. My favorites for the maids are the Swing Dress (would pick a different color/pattern for the wedding, but I love the polka dots for myself!) and the one she made for someone else's bridesmaids.

Eee! totally cute. If my bridesmaids aren't really into it, I don't mind - I might order a couple things for myself though! Those bathing suits! So awesome!

But speaking of bridesmaids dresses.. earlier today, before I
found Miss Braches' etsy page, I was perusing David's Bridal's site for bridesmaid dress ideas. I probably should wait till the summer to start seriously thinking about these - especially since one of my bridesmaids is getting married in May! She'd probably prefer to worry about my wedding after hers is done. I just can't help myself.

Here are some color/style c
ombos I think I might like (fyi the vest ideas are for Mary, not the groomsmen).

Scheme I:

Scheme II:

Scheme III:

(with this I was thinking a champagne sash or some other accent on the strapless one)

Scheme IV:

Scheme V:

I tried to pick a variety of styles and colors just to get across the idea that I'm open to mixing and matching - as long as there's Something to tie them all together. Either fabric, style or color family. I don't want them all to look completely mismatched and indistinguishable from other wedding guests, but I don't mind if they're not all matching exactly.
Can you tell I really like that rounded neckline..? :)
I'm not sure my maids will like the strapless ones, but I just loved the fabric of the two in Scheme V - you can get a closer look at it here. I think the original picture is in Canary Yellow - the others are just colorized and look funny.


  1. I think both the dresses you pointed out on Etsy are adorable! I especially love the halter dress! The version that's solid color with the skirt underneath is my fave. I also like the colors in scheme II and III but not so much the others, and I too like the rounded neckline.

  2. I agree, the dresses on that woman's site are gorgeous! I love the Kyle dress:

    I also agree about the round neckline, I just think it would be more comfortable than the strapless versions... fortunately, I don't have to worry about it, but I'm still putting in my two cents.

    My personal preference scheme-wise is V, but I can certainly see that III would be stunning on Sarah. Glad I don't have to pick!

  3. I really honestly don't get the objection to strapless dresses. the one in the blue scheme has boning so you wouldn't even need to wear a strapless bra - or you could if you wanted to, and the boning would help to keep the bra from slipping. but the ones with the rounded neckline would also probably require a strapless bra and they don't have the advantage of the boning to help hold you up. I guess you could get a bra with halter straps, or do something to secure the straps so they don't show... I dunno! I just think women of all shapes and sizes look great in strapless dresses, and usualllyyy fancy ones are made with boning built in.

  4. it's not that we don't LOOK great...when everything is held in place without the bra showing underneath, or on the back...it's just that when you're a 34DD/DDD with a much smaller waist, you often have to find a much larger dress to alter down...ALSO, without the ribbing it just becomes one sagging mess. My bridal gown was strapless of course, but I was tied up so tight in it (in order to keep everything up), and as you might recall I nearly passed out right before I walked down the aisle. The ribbing alone, unless it is VERY sturdy isn't going to make everything stay put on my body, getting all smushed up and sweaty...ick. I'm just saying, it's not as simple as you think, you C cup you...