Tuesday, March 17, 2009

how to convert a library into a chapel?

So, for lack of any other big decisions to make, I've been thinking about the decor for the upstairs. As you can see from the pictures (the picasa web album I linked to earlier), the upstairs doubles as a library and art gallery. I love this feature, don't get me wrong. I'm just thinking how we can add simple decorations to make it more romantic/formal.

I found these lanterns, thought they might be pretty lining the aisle? And then after the ceremony we could move them down to the tables for the reception?

Just got a sample menu with
quotes from Helga's Catering... they sent me a menu with "red bliss potato baskets filled with sour cream and caviar" as one of the hors d'oeuvres. ICK. I can't imagine serving caviar at our wedding.. Also they ignored my request to show me all taxes, fees, delivery charges, etc. They sent me a document showing a buffet option and a sit-down dinner option, with a note saying "does not include taxes, delivery charges, blah blah blah," and then they're asking me to sign it and send it back with a 50% deposit to secure the date. Nothing about coming in for a tasting first, or any kind of explanation of extra fees and charges we're likely to incur. So far, I'm not impressed. I sent them an email back with more specific requests for menu items (ugh no caviar!!), what the extra fees might be, and also when we could schedule a tasting..

ooh more later re: ceremony decor, I'm off for some fish & chips! (picture of me in my wig coming soon)


and here's the photo as promised. :) Happy St Paddy's Day! We do like to have a little fun around here..


  1. Absolutely LOVE the wig! Glad you didn't paint shamrocks on your cheeks! :)

    I agree, caviar does not seem to fit in with polka dots and buttons. Sorry this place is so 'not plugged in' to what you want! They don't sound like very smart business people. Have you had tastings with the Purple Onion people yet?

    Love the little lanterns! Seems like a great way to add a romantic touch (candlelight is magical, that way) without endangering billowing fabric... might want to check with the town hall re their policy for candles, though. With all those books they might have restrictions. Should help that the lanterns are encased in glass, though!

  2. umm yes of course I've already checked on all the restrictions for decor over there.. all flames need to be protected in some way - so these lanterns would be fine.

    tasting with the purple onion is next month.

  3. Those lanterns are so pretty Rachel! I like them a lot. They look nice with tiny flower halos around the top too.