Monday, March 9, 2009

we made it

Zach and I decided to make this past weekend a no-wedding-planning weekend and we succeeded! We are determined to not let our lives revolve around the wedding - though we still have a bit over a year to go so, we'll see how it turns out as March 2010 draws closer. For now at least, we are capable of putting it out of our minds (or at least out of the conversation) and actually still have stuff to talk about. So that's good. :)

But anyway back to the wedding! haha. Sarah is busy experimenting with different cake frostings/toppings/fillings/flavors, I can't wait to see more of her progress. She's sent me a few pictures, I don't think I'll share them though. I mean mayyybe eventually, but you guys have to have Some surprises that day, I have to keep some things to myself. I know she's going to make a very pretty and very delicious cake.

I'm still super excited to find a dress - but at the same time I don't want to find it too soon because I want to have a lot of fun dress shopping! haha. I keep looking at's listings, but at this point I think I've literally seen all the old posts, and they only add a few per day so it doesn't take me long to look at the list of 5 new postings and see that only 1 of them is even close to my price range and it's not perfect. There is one I really like, but it's up for $700 and I'd rather go to Running of the Brides first, see if I can score something in the $250 - $500 range. April 3 just can't come fast enough.

I have to say I keep going back to that Sarah Danielle dress and I just stare at it. I really really liked it. I'm trying not to get attached to it but I think I will try to find more dresses like that, keep an eye out on the used dress circuit for that one in particular.

I'm really just blabbing for the sake of blabbing at this point. More later when I have something interesting to share!

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