Monday, July 27, 2009

couple updates :)

hey! we have a hotel! We went with the Hampton Inn, Fairfax, rooms are $79/night (plus taxes). My mother, zp and I went to inspect it a few weeks ago and we liked it a lot! It's about a mile from Old Town Hall so I'm hoping people will take a cab (or walk?! haha maybe not in heels) to/from the wedding so we don't have to worry about drunk driving..? :) Also I still need to ask the hotel if they do shuttles, that would be the absolute ideal. Once we send out the Save the Dates with our wedding website and all that, you'll be able to reserve your room in our block. I'm thinking Save the Dates will go out in September, via email (except for those we know don't do email)!

also we're pretty much decided on our officiant! I say "pretty much" but we're basically decided, it's just for some reason weird/scary/exciting to actually say we're settled 100%. We haven't informed the officiant that she's the one yet so I guess it's not checked off completely. But we like this woman. And she's a lot closer to our venue than A.C. I'm very excited to start working with her on the ceremony. eeee!!

The bridesmaids have pretty much settled on their dresses (those who will be wearing dresses anyway - Mary's outfit is TBD). I'm not going to share any of the details here, but I think they're going to look awesome. We're going to wait a while before ordering them since they're custom-made to fit each girl exactly, they shouldn't need alterations.

My mother let me know her employer, Petal's Edge, will allow her to order my flowers through them to get wholesale prices without mark-up, and she can use the shop (after work hours) to tie up boutonnieres and bouquets and stuff! So we'll be thinking about that. I still prefer locally grown if we can swing it, but it was an extremely generous (and unsolicited) offer, which I really appreciate.

Next goal is to book a DJ. Hopefully we'll hear from Gerardo next month about whether he wants to be our photographer? That will be good to have out of the way as well. I have someone who wants to be our "second shooter" for FREE, so we'll probably take him up on that offer, but we still need the primary.

UPDATE: we are officially booked with Georgiana - next week she's going to send us "homework" to start working on ideas for the ceremony. :) :) I also sent the email to A.C. letting her know she has not be chosen. SIGH. Not my favorite thing to do.