Friday, June 19, 2009


ok moving on from the photos..

shoes! uh! you wouldn't think this would be that difficult, finding the perfect wedding shoes. but I need to whine for a sec about the shoe industry: what the HECK is with making shoes for big feet with ridiculously high heels? Ok I wear a size 10. And technically my feet would fit a 10.5 perfectly but that size. does not exist. *she said in a quiet voice full of rage* So my whole life I've been squishing into shoes that are Just A Little Too Small.

Adding insult to injury, the few styles that are available in size 10 usually have 3 - 4" heels. ... Ok I'm only 5'7.5" but most girls I know with size 10 or bigger feet are even taller, more like 5'9" or 10". ... not that we should be afraid to stand tall.. but personally I am just not a fan of towering over people (and to be perfectly honest.. I prefer not to elevate the ghetto any higher than necessary).

Also there's that whole thing about being able to walk in really high heels. Not so much.

So generally I feel most comfortable in a 2" maybe 2.5" heel. And then I bought a sample dress that came at a length that's going to require me to wear definitely nothing higher than 2", better would be 1.5".

I think you can guess from the above rant that I a
m not having so much success in this department. Because I'm not really interested in "wedding shoes." I could probably go to Coloriffics and find a pair of ivory satin 1.5" heels in my size and they would look fine with my dress. Oh wait except I was just on their site and they explicitly state that shoes shown with 1.5" heel are size 8 and bigger sizes come with higher heels. WHAT.

Anyway I just really really want a more fun pair of shoes! I want to be able to wear them again after the wedding and always remember that I wore them at my wedding..

there's also the dilem
ma of working with my dress. It's a really pretty dress and I don't want to go Too casual/crazay and well, ruin it. BUT. one does want a splash of color.. a touch of vintage.. a bit of fun..

soo HALP!

here are some shoes I LIKE but they're either too high or just not quite right.

oh my word I've just been looking on endless shoe for these images and I just found these!! so cute! and only 1.25" heels! and there's a BUTTON ON IT. hmmm...

ok I'm still on the hunt but those are really tempting me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

got some photos!

Well, I finallllyyyyy got to talk to Meg. We caught up on gchat and she apologized for being incommunicado but agreed that it was probably best if we found a different photog for the wedding. She did post the jpgs online for us to download - but we're still waiting for the entire lot, she said she'd get them to us on CD at some point. Sooo we're kind of back to square one on the photog front, but we'll see what Gerardo (MOB's friend) says in August, maybe he'll want to do it. If not I've found a few other leads on not terribly expensive photographers.

I'm trying to upload a couple engagement session photos but it's taking forEvAR so I'll come back later and post them. thx k bye.

mmmmkay here's a couple! I added the color tinting myself, just to give them a little oomph. still waiting for the full CD of all the photos she took, ho
ping there are a few goofy candid shots in there..
we ended up sitting on a lot of animal statues that day haha

you can't really tell but we're sitting on the back of a giant eagle in this pic

wanted a few fun underground shots but the ones down by the trains didn't really come out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

engagement photos: uncheck

wellll I was hoping to share a couple of our engagement photos with you guys but, umm, I can't seem to get a response out of our photographer. I'm going to give her a call soon but I've tried email, gchat and facebook and she hasn't responded to anything.. and she's online all the time! So.. yeah. that's where we are on That. I have not called her yet, mostly because I hate calling people and I always put it off.. So I will make that my goal for the week, and hopefully will have an update on that soon.

In other news, I had a meeting with a woman about being our day-of coordinator and I liked her. She's going to draw up a proposal and we'll see if we can afford her - I think we can, she's trying to branch off into her own business so I'm pretty sure she's going to give us a good deal, as one of her first solo clients. It will be really nice to not have to worry about stuff the day of the wedding, and also not have to ask one (or more) of our guests to handle a lot of the coordination. I'll just need to make sure she understands exactly what I want to happen - actually more importantly, Not happen. There are a lot of traditional weddingy type stuff that we're not doing (like the bouquet/garter toss), gotta make sure everyone's on the same page.

Did I tell you guys we officially booked the caterer? Well we did. We went with The Purple Onion, they have our $100 retainer and a signed contract.

I'm really excited I can talk about bridesmaid dresses now! Kara's married! haha. I mean I'm super excited she's married just because it's awesome for her. Their wedding was beautiful, I had a great time being part of it, and obviously I wish them the BEST. But then yeah, I'm also glad she's free to talk about my wedding now haha. Bridal party: look for an email from me soon about dress stuff. :) I just ordered some swatches of dupioni silk to try to narrow down the colors..

and then, what else is new... Oh yes I built us a wedding website! :-o I decided I didn't really love the site so I went through Google Sites and just built a new one. and then I paid $10 for our very own domain name, which will be good through June 2010. I will not be revealing the website URL here, it'll probably go out with the Save-the-Dates.. [speaking of websites MOM I need to show you what I did with ours because it's super easy actually, I think you could easily set one up for your artwork if you want.]

hopefully checking off the list within the next month: DJ and Officiant. no official meetings are set up yet but.. we're getting close.