Friday, June 19, 2009


ok moving on from the photos..

shoes! uh! you wouldn't think this would be that difficult, finding the perfect wedding shoes. but I need to whine for a sec about the shoe industry: what the HECK is with making shoes for big feet with ridiculously high heels? Ok I wear a size 10. And technically my feet would fit a 10.5 perfectly but that size. does not exist. *she said in a quiet voice full of rage* So my whole life I've been squishing into shoes that are Just A Little Too Small.

Adding insult to injury, the few styles that are available in size 10 usually have 3 - 4" heels. ... Ok I'm only 5'7.5" but most girls I know with size 10 or bigger feet are even taller, more like 5'9" or 10". ... not that we should be afraid to stand tall.. but personally I am just not a fan of towering over people (and to be perfectly honest.. I prefer not to elevate the ghetto any higher than necessary).

Also there's that whole thing about being able to walk in really high heels. Not so much.

So generally I feel most comfortable in a 2" maybe 2.5" heel. And then I bought a sample dress that came at a length that's going to require me to wear definitely nothing higher than 2", better would be 1.5".

I think you can guess from the above rant that I a
m not having so much success in this department. Because I'm not really interested in "wedding shoes." I could probably go to Coloriffics and find a pair of ivory satin 1.5" heels in my size and they would look fine with my dress. Oh wait except I was just on their site and they explicitly state that shoes shown with 1.5" heel are size 8 and bigger sizes come with higher heels. WHAT.

Anyway I just really really want a more fun pair of shoes! I want to be able to wear them again after the wedding and always remember that I wore them at my wedding..

there's also the dilem
ma of working with my dress. It's a really pretty dress and I don't want to go Too casual/crazay and well, ruin it. BUT. one does want a splash of color.. a touch of vintage.. a bit of fun..

soo HALP!

here are some shoes I LIKE but they're either too high or just not quite right.

oh my word I've just been looking on endless shoe for these images and I just found these!! so cute! and only 1.25" heels! and there's a BUTTON ON IT. hmmm...

ok I'm still on the hunt but those are really tempting me.


  1. OK, the pink with the button is awesome!

  2. SERIOUSLY! How could it be more perfect?? And that shade of pink (esp w/the brown trim) will look lovely with your dress! If those come in your size, I VOTE FOR THESE! AND they would look adorable with some of your cute dresses (I'm thinking brown polka-dots, maybe?).

  3. it's not brown trim it's maroon.. but yes they definitely would go with a lot of my other clothes. :)

  4. Oh, sorry. It's kinda hard to tell from that little picture... I did go to the website looking for that shoe, but never found it. :-/ Still adorable and perfect, though!

  5. Hey just found your blog tonight. I am super tired so I can't read much, but I did read about your cake in an early post. I know a girl who had a fake wedding cake. The top tier was real so she could keep it for their first anniversary, and the second layer was real (super small) so that she and her hubby could cut it. The other 4 tiers were fake. Then in the kitchen she had white and choc sheet cakes. It was super inexpensive. I will continue to read your blog!!!!

  6. Just in case you wanna try it.

  7. T Sharee - thanks for the comments! but actually my cake dilemma has been solved, my sister is making it! and she really wants to bake a multi-layer cake so I don't think we'll need the fake bottom layers. I appreciate the link though, thanks again. :)