Saturday, June 13, 2009

got some photos!

Well, I finallllyyyyy got to talk to Meg. We caught up on gchat and she apologized for being incommunicado but agreed that it was probably best if we found a different photog for the wedding. She did post the jpgs online for us to download - but we're still waiting for the entire lot, she said she'd get them to us on CD at some point. Sooo we're kind of back to square one on the photog front, but we'll see what Gerardo (MOB's friend) says in August, maybe he'll want to do it. If not I've found a few other leads on not terribly expensive photographers.

I'm trying to upload a couple engagement session photos but it's taking forEvAR so I'll come back later and post them. thx k bye.

mmmmkay here's a couple! I added the color tinting myself, just to give them a little oomph. still waiting for the full CD of all the photos she took, ho
ping there are a few goofy candid shots in there..
we ended up sitting on a lot of animal statues that day haha

you can't really tell but we're sitting on the back of a giant eagle in this pic

wanted a few fun underground shots but the ones down by the trains didn't really come out.


  1. I can't wait to SEEEeeeee!!!

    I'm sorry that your friend won't be available, but I hope Gerardo can do the wedding photos! That would be awesome!

    Looking forward to when you post the pics!

  2. Oh my gosh- you guys are too darling! I love the first two the best.

  3. The MOB agrees totally with the MOG!! Too freaking cute! This has just whetted my appetite for more!!!