Wednesday, June 10, 2009

engagement photos: uncheck

wellll I was hoping to share a couple of our engagement photos with you guys but, umm, I can't seem to get a response out of our photographer. I'm going to give her a call soon but I've tried email, gchat and facebook and she hasn't responded to anything.. and she's online all the time! So.. yeah. that's where we are on That. I have not called her yet, mostly because I hate calling people and I always put it off.. So I will make that my goal for the week, and hopefully will have an update on that soon.

In other news, I had a meeting with a woman about being our day-of coordinator and I liked her. She's going to draw up a proposal and we'll see if we can afford her - I think we can, she's trying to branch off into her own business so I'm pretty sure she's going to give us a good deal, as one of her first solo clients. It will be really nice to not have to worry about stuff the day of the wedding, and also not have to ask one (or more) of our guests to handle a lot of the coordination. I'll just need to make sure she understands exactly what I want to happen - actually more importantly, Not happen. There are a lot of traditional weddingy type stuff that we're not doing (like the bouquet/garter toss), gotta make sure everyone's on the same page.

Did I tell you guys we officially booked the caterer? Well we did. We went with The Purple Onion, they have our $100 retainer and a signed contract.

I'm really excited I can talk about bridesmaid dresses now! Kara's married! haha. I mean I'm super excited she's married just because it's awesome for her. Their wedding was beautiful, I had a great time being part of it, and obviously I wish them the BEST. But then yeah, I'm also glad she's free to talk about my wedding now haha. Bridal party: look for an email from me soon about dress stuff. :) I just ordered some swatches of dupioni silk to try to narrow down the colors..

and then, what else is new... Oh yes I built us a wedding website! :-o I decided I didn't really love the site so I went through Google Sites and just built a new one. and then I paid $10 for our very own domain name, which will be good through June 2010. I will not be revealing the website URL here, it'll probably go out with the Save-the-Dates.. [speaking of websites MOM I need to show you what I did with ours because it's super easy actually, I think you could easily set one up for your artwork if you want.]

hopefully checking off the list within the next month: DJ and Officiant. no official meetings are set up yet but.. we're getting close.


  1. That's rather disappointing about the photographer! Did you already pay for the photos? Is this the same one (forgive my disintegrating memory -- thank you Salvadore Dali!) who's doing your wedding? I hope she's in contact soon!! (I can't wait to see the pictures!)

    I think it's a great idea to have a coordinator for just the Day; great to have one person who's making sure everything goes according to plan!

    Looking forward to checking out your wedsite (haha... just made that up!); I will look into the Google Site thing, and see if I can figure something out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yea! The Zachary Blog is back! The photographer is making me nervous- especially since she is doing the wedding. She had better behave. You definitely need a coordinator for the day- or you won't be able to enjoy yourself.