Monday, April 27, 2009

engagement photos: check

Zach and I went to the zoo on Friday for an engagement photo session! We had a lot of fun. Not sure when we'll get the photos back from Meg but when we do I'll be sure to share! :) It was hot out, and Zach and I were pretty awkward in a lot of the photos haha. Probably shocking since I'm historically not too shy around a camera - but we're not really into a lot of PDA so getting all lovey-dovey for pictures in an extremely public and crowded place was a little strange at first. Meg was like, "umm, you might want to look like you actually like each other.." LOL. But I have high hopes that there will be at least a few where we look pretty and happy. :)

We decided it was probably a good idea to try to interview at least one more person for the job of officiant, so we're trying to line up another meeting with someone who lives a little closer to our venue so he/she maybe won't charge mileage (I'm also concerned about all that single-occupant-vehicle driving for A.C. to come down from Hyattsville, MD for the Friday night rehearsal, drive allll the way back home that night and then repeat the next day). However, one woman gave me a Thumbs Down on - I'm being dramatic, she may just be booked that day or something, but I sent an inquiry to her through the website and I got no message back, just a thumbs-down symbol next to her name that says "Declined by Vendor." Soo.. that was awesome. :-P

So I've tried another lady, who lives in Herndon, and she said she'd be happy to work with us. I explained that we live in Arlington without a car and though we could borrow a car if necessary, it would be easiest for us if we could meet somewhere metro-accessible. Her response was a little odd: "Vienna Metro is the closest for me. I can let you know when I will be in the area." Wait so we're just supposed to hold our breath till you have some other reason you'll be coming to the area? You're really not going to try to make an actual appointment? Really? Sooo that was not really the answer I was looking for. I wrote back asking if we could try to set an appointment. I guess I probably wouldn't mind except that A.C. has had someone ask her about our date so I'd like to be able to tell her soon whether we plan to hire her or not.

I bought a block printing kit! I may use it on the programs, we'll seeee... I also bought a handheld sewing machine for no reason in particular, I'm still too intimidated to use it but one of these days I'm going to give it a try on a hem or something....

I'm considering going back on my statement about doing electronic invites. I may switch it so we do electronic save-the-dates and then actual invites - but then have people RSVP online via our wedding website. Is that too complicated?'s wedding website has a tool you can add for collecting RSVPs, so I know we have the capability, not sure everyone's going to be crazy about typing in the long url.. which doesn't exist yet so I can't tell you what it is, but it's usually something like or something like that. easy if I sent the invite electronically, then you just click the link to RSVP. ...well we'll think about it. But the Reason I'm considering switching is because I found a really neat invite from an etsy seller - not gonna tell you what it looks like because if we go with that, I want it to be a surprise. I sent off for a sample, so we'll see what it looks like in real life, see what Zach thinks (haha he doesn't care)...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter :)

couple things: Zach bought a tux! There was a wicked sale going on at Dessy Group, a $450 tux for $150. We jumped on it rather hastily, bought it online, hopefullyyy he likes it when it arrives. If he doesn't, I have faith that we could sell it pretty easily and find something else. Here's the link to the tux: Pretty sharp right?

Also, I found out I was wrong, the farmers market at Courthouse i
n Arlington issss open year-round, so I'm going to go check them out and see if I can talk to someone about what's available in March. I still want to check out the Alexandria one too, we just have more options now.

I've been playing in buttons this weekend! The more robust flowers look Much better, but yeah I needs more buttons!! I pretty much exhausted my supply of the best sized ones, all I have left are mostly the tiny ones, or really grungy ones, and then a lot that would really be best as the accent on top rather than layering..

I'm having dress withdrawals. I want to see it again! So I'm probably going to go get it from Jessika some evening this week and then take it to this shop in Georgetown who said they mayyy be able to convert the neckline for me. I guess it depends on the way the dress was built, so we'll see.

Also I'm thinking I might try to make my veil.. Birdcage ones look fairly easy to make! Supplies are pretty cheap.. I may buy a fancy fascinator (example) from an etsy seller but.. maybe I'll make that myself too. I've got time to experiment, if I can't do it, I know I can find what I want on etsy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

new plan: jars! not cans

OK I think instead of doing those sort of labor-intensive daffodill planter things with the cans and the moss, and my ten million other random crafty project ideas I've seen around the blog world.. My new idea is just to Simplify and have just bunches and bunches of glass jars (mason jars, jam jars, whatever else comes in glass jars jars), and fill some with fresh cut flowers, some with button flowers (and instead of water we'd fill them half-way or so with loose buttons), and some with candles. eh? We'd put several jars on each table to make the centerpieces, and then hopefully we'd have enough to scatter around on the buffet table, at the bar, etc.. And if I/we FEEL like it when the time comes, we can paint or in some way decorate some of the jars (like these lacy luminaries).. Or maybe not.

For the tables, I was thinking stick with the white linen the Hall provides, and then possiblyyy make our own little linen table accents or whatever you call them. Not quite runners, I'd just want them to be in the center of the tables, to put the jar-vases on.. maybe doilies, maybe brightly colored but not too tacky looking hankerchiefs.. maybe just plain linen squares or rounds.. maybe a combination of all of the above! I dunno! I'm thinking I need to take a trip to a few thrift stores and/or Michael's/Joann Fabric and see what can be found in the way of inspiration.

Also it's coming into yard sale season, I'm about ready to go trolling if anyone wants to join me!

Also a note on the button bouquet - I realized after looking back at the original inspiration for my button bouquets, the ones for sale on Etsy actually have many many more buttons per stem than mine do, which probably helps make the bouquet look a bit more full when you put them together.. So I'm going to go back and add more buttons and see how that works for me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

buttons and flowers

OK since spring has fully sprung I've remembered how much I love love love flowers. I can't believe I've been considering scrapping flowers altogether. But I also love my buttons! So I need to find a compromise in the middle.

Maybe floral bouquets for me and my bridesmaids but then buttons for centerpieces? or the other way around? Orrr, some combination of buttons and real flowers in bouquets and centerpieces? I dunno.

But my fantasy is just going to some floral vendor at a farmer's market the day of our wedding and grabbing some combination of springy awesome flowers and making bouquets on the spot. Because honestly what I Want to do is wander around and pick little blooming crocuses and daffodils and forsythias from random peoples yards.. but pretty sure I would run into some objections if I tried that...

That picture
isn't Exactly what I have in mind but something like that. Just a really colorful awesome pretty mix of super springy flowers.

Here is the tester button bouquet I put together recently. I was just making a bunch of button flowers and decided to try to put them together into some semblance of a bouquet, just to see what it might look like. Let me tell you, it was a lot more difficult than I expected! Those buttons on floral wire do not behave the way I'd like them to. Also I think it looks a little messy and silly. My mother thinks it looks awesome; I think it needs a little more work.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the chairs

ok I know everyone thinks I'm bonkers for objecting to the chairs at Old Town Hall - but check this out. they brought in different chairs and it just Transforms the look of the room.

...but yeah nobody in that room probably gave a hoot about the chairs or the look of the room, they were watching the bride & groom! also those things don't look as comfortable as the ones the hall provides..

ok ok! so the chairs are fine.. I just really like the ones in that picture.. sigh.

lol my mother and Marnie have now both pointed out to me that there is indeed a year-round farmers market, in Alexandria (which my mother mentioned probablyyy 3 days ago). ok ok! let's go visit it sometime soon (not this Saturday though sorry!) and see if we can talk to some vendors about what they have in March and how we can get it to Fairfax..

I love lists. but these are really ridiculous.

oh man so. I have this blog on my reader, I think I may have mentioned it before, called A Practical Wedding. This girl does not mess around. She is definitely making me feel awesome for wanting the kind of wedding we're planning. A few days ago she was talking about how mainstream wedding media make normal people trying to plan a wedding completely stressed out - and her latest post is basically her reaction to the planning lists the major bridal magazines tell you are extremely important. It's hilarious. Maybe only for me because I'm looking at all these blogs and magazines all the time and having Very similar reactions to all this crazy over-the-top freak-out hullaballou that the Industry advises for the ideal wedding..

Just as an example, if I go to (and yes I have a log-in ID there but I quickly learned it was making me insane so I don't use that site), under planning tools, they give me a Huge long list of things I need to do THIS MONTH, including some with big purple exclamation points next to them implying urgently that I needed to have these done Last month. And they give you no option to delete some that don't apply to your wedding. you just have to stare at the exclamation point next to it throughout your planning process, apparently.

Anyway here's the link to the Practical post about lists:
"The List: The 4 - 5 Months Out Version."

* Choose Songs. Songs for when the wedding party is introduced. Songs for during dinner. Songs for getting the party started. Keep a running list of songs you do and do not want played. Are you OCD? If not, become OCD. (See, this is nervous breakdown material. Apparently I need to hire a Hollywood pro to write a multi-hour soundtrack. Ack. Ack.)"

the best part about that one was actually that in the comments section, someone actually thought the bridal magazine had literally suggested people develop OCD. LOL.

anywayyy yeah we haven't been doing any big amazing planning the past few weeks. I'm definitely fine with that, even though I had So Much Fun in the blitz following our engagement. Every once in a while I get all riled up and go "oh but we've got do--!" and then I take a deep breath and go.. No, not actually. We have a year.

Except now it's technically less than a year!! weeee!

I'm kind of done with the whole wedding magazine frenzy EXCEPT for Martha Stewart Weddings. I just found out there's a new issue out or coming out soon and I'm actually really excited about it. So many fun crafty projects in there!!

I was disappointed to learn recently that none of the farmers markets around here open until May.. I sort of had this fantasy that we'd be able to arrange with vendors at the farmers market for fresh flowers and at least some of the food supplies for the caterer.. Le Sigh. I'm sure we'll find a way to buy local, it's just not going to be as easy-peasy as I'd hoped. The Fairfax Saturday Market happens right up the street from our venue!!! Beginning May 2. Gah.

Fun stuff coming up:
Tomorrow, April 3 - Running of the Brides (and then later this bride will really be running, Crystal City 5K, 6pm)

Sunday, April 5 - completely unrelated to the wedding but still freakin me out: Cherry Blossom 10-miler!! 7:40am. EEEE

Tuesday, April 14 - tasting with the purple onion!

TBD: Zach and I are planning to pop into the After Hours or After Six whateveritscalled tuxedo shop on Wilson Blvd one of these days, check out some tuxes and vests and things...!