Saturday, April 4, 2009

buttons and flowers

OK since spring has fully sprung I've remembered how much I love love love flowers. I can't believe I've been considering scrapping flowers altogether. But I also love my buttons! So I need to find a compromise in the middle.

Maybe floral bouquets for me and my bridesmaids but then buttons for centerpieces? or the other way around? Orrr, some combination of buttons and real flowers in bouquets and centerpieces? I dunno.

But my fantasy is just going to some floral vendor at a farmer's market the day of our wedding and grabbing some combination of springy awesome flowers and making bouquets on the spot. Because honestly what I Want to do is wander around and pick little blooming crocuses and daffodils and forsythias from random peoples yards.. but pretty sure I would run into some objections if I tried that...

That picture
isn't Exactly what I have in mind but something like that. Just a really colorful awesome pretty mix of super springy flowers.

Here is the tester button bouquet I put together recently. I was just making a bunch of button flowers and decided to try to put them together into some semblance of a bouquet, just to see what it might look like. Let me tell you, it was a lot more difficult than I expected! Those buttons on floral wire do not behave the way I'd like them to. Also I think it looks a little messy and silly. My mother thinks it looks awesome; I think it needs a little more work.


  1. I would like to say, in my defense, that the photographs don't do the button bouquet justice. It IS adorable!! I will say that I find the idea of buttons and flowers an intriguing idea. There must be some clever way to combine the two into a pleasing arrangement.

    About making bouquets the day of the wedding... I love the idea of fresh-from-the-market flowers! Your wedding is in the evening, true? All things being equal, that should give us enough time to wrestle the bouquets; might be good to practice ahead of time and come up with a good system, especially if you want to incorporate buttons into them.

    What a creative and beautiful wedding this is going to be (just like the bride)!!

  2. I like the idea of a flower/button combo. I think the button bouquet looks really good, but I agree with Rachel that maybe its not quite wedding quality yet. Hopefully you can make it to the year-round farmer's market soon to see what kind of flowers are available locally. Love the pilfering idea though! too bad you wouldn't be able to get away with it :) That's what I do all spring and summer, on a smaller scale though. As soon as flowers start appearing I pluck one from random places to put behind my ear for the day. I restrict myself to flowers that are reachable from the sidewalk though :)

  3. Haha, Sarah, well, I'm sure that unless the flowers you're picking are some sort of heirloom breed that is being nurtured for a county fair, most people wouldn't mind the occasional, er, purloined blossom.

    And, Rachel, if you're thinking of swiping things like branches of forsythia, I doubt the owners would mind that, either, since the bloody things tend to take over the world, anyway! ;)

    Having said that, I'd hate for you to be arrested on your wedding day! LOL.

    Apparently, my Saturday work hours are going to start at 10 AM (until I get a desk job, anyway), so unless you're wanting to get up at the crack of dawn, I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you to the Farmers' Market. I usually leave for work about 9:15, so you can plug that into your calculations and let me know.