Monday, April 27, 2009

engagement photos: check

Zach and I went to the zoo on Friday for an engagement photo session! We had a lot of fun. Not sure when we'll get the photos back from Meg but when we do I'll be sure to share! :) It was hot out, and Zach and I were pretty awkward in a lot of the photos haha. Probably shocking since I'm historically not too shy around a camera - but we're not really into a lot of PDA so getting all lovey-dovey for pictures in an extremely public and crowded place was a little strange at first. Meg was like, "umm, you might want to look like you actually like each other.." LOL. But I have high hopes that there will be at least a few where we look pretty and happy. :)

We decided it was probably a good idea to try to interview at least one more person for the job of officiant, so we're trying to line up another meeting with someone who lives a little closer to our venue so he/she maybe won't charge mileage (I'm also concerned about all that single-occupant-vehicle driving for A.C. to come down from Hyattsville, MD for the Friday night rehearsal, drive allll the way back home that night and then repeat the next day). However, one woman gave me a Thumbs Down on - I'm being dramatic, she may just be booked that day or something, but I sent an inquiry to her through the website and I got no message back, just a thumbs-down symbol next to her name that says "Declined by Vendor." Soo.. that was awesome. :-P

So I've tried another lady, who lives in Herndon, and she said she'd be happy to work with us. I explained that we live in Arlington without a car and though we could borrow a car if necessary, it would be easiest for us if we could meet somewhere metro-accessible. Her response was a little odd: "Vienna Metro is the closest for me. I can let you know when I will be in the area." Wait so we're just supposed to hold our breath till you have some other reason you'll be coming to the area? You're really not going to try to make an actual appointment? Really? Sooo that was not really the answer I was looking for. I wrote back asking if we could try to set an appointment. I guess I probably wouldn't mind except that A.C. has had someone ask her about our date so I'd like to be able to tell her soon whether we plan to hire her or not.

I bought a block printing kit! I may use it on the programs, we'll seeee... I also bought a handheld sewing machine for no reason in particular, I'm still too intimidated to use it but one of these days I'm going to give it a try on a hem or something....

I'm considering going back on my statement about doing electronic invites. I may switch it so we do electronic save-the-dates and then actual invites - but then have people RSVP online via our wedding website. Is that too complicated?'s wedding website has a tool you can add for collecting RSVPs, so I know we have the capability, not sure everyone's going to be crazy about typing in the long url.. which doesn't exist yet so I can't tell you what it is, but it's usually something like or something like that. easy if I sent the invite electronically, then you just click the link to RSVP. ...well we'll think about it. But the Reason I'm considering switching is because I found a really neat invite from an etsy seller - not gonna tell you what it looks like because if we go with that, I want it to be a surprise. I sent off for a sample, so we'll see what it looks like in real life, see what Zach thinks (haha he doesn't care)...


  1. Oooh pictures, can't wait to see!

    I wonder if it would make more sense to do actual save the dates and then electronic invites? Does the etsy seller do save-the-dates? That way you could still have something cool and tangible that gets sent to everyone, and it'll make the RSVPing less confusing.

  2. well that was the plan originally, but I just got the sample in the mail last night and Zach and I both LOVE it. omg. I guesssss we could change it so it's a Save the Date instead of the actual invitation (yep this seller does save-the-dates), buuut, I'm thinking, if we sent out electronic save-the-dates it would include the link to our wedding website. So everyone would already have the link, and we could maybe include a note that people should bookmark that page because it's where you'll need to RSVP later..? I dunno, we'll keep thinking about it.

  3. Well if you guys love it then I'd say go for it! I really don't think it will be that confusing to RSVP online.

  4. You were going to have to send *some* paper invites, anyway, weren't you (or am I making that up in my head)? I think you said that there were a few people who are not 'online,' so would need the tangible invite. Anyway, doing paper for everyone would be simpler in that respect. And I agree with Sarah; if you both love them, then you should get them! Do they offer that style on recycled paper or soy-based ink, so that you could retain some of your 'green' plan? Of course, the e-save-the-dates and rsvps also do that...

    I can't wait to see the freaking engagement pictures!! When are you getting them??? I wanna see I wanna see!

    That is pretty weird about the trouble you're having with officiants. I mean, that's their job, right? Why are they making it so difficult?? Very strange.

  5. I've got a few engagement photos back from Meg but she's still working on touching up the rest. I'm going to wait till we have the whole batch and then I'll share.

    It's amazing how difficult a lot of vendors are actually. I did finally hear back from the officiant and she said she's really busy the next couple weeks but she mayyy have a chance to meet with us on May 12. So we'll see.

    the invites aren't paper (which you should know because I showed them to you already!), and since they're handmade by a small shop I'm not sure if they have soy inks, but the whole package is sustainable enough for me, especially since we're doing e-Rsvps and save-the-dates..