Thursday, April 2, 2009

the chairs

ok I know everyone thinks I'm bonkers for objecting to the chairs at Old Town Hall - but check this out. they brought in different chairs and it just Transforms the look of the room.

...but yeah nobody in that room probably gave a hoot about the chairs or the look of the room, they were watching the bride & groom! also those things don't look as comfortable as the ones the hall provides..

ok ok! so the chairs are fine.. I just really like the ones in that picture.. sigh.

lol my mother and Marnie have now both pointed out to me that there is indeed a year-round farmers market, in Alexandria (which my mother mentioned probablyyy 3 days ago). ok ok! let's go visit it sometime soon (not this Saturday though sorry!) and see if we can talk to some vendors about what they have in March and how we can get it to Fairfax..

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  1. LOL, glad to know I'm not going completely insane! (Oh be quiet, child.)

    I'm also glad to see the progression of your thoughts on the chairs... I was right there with you, thinking, "but those chairs just don't look as comfortable as the ones already there." The only benefit I see is that these are white, but perhaps we can come up with some sort of 'dressing up' of the chairs that will make them seem more wedding-ish.

    And I'm happy to go to the Farmers' Market whenever you want (as long as I'm not opening at Crocs). Just let me know! :)