Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter :)

couple things: Zach bought a tux! There was a wicked sale going on at Dessy Group, a $450 tux for $150. We jumped on it rather hastily, bought it online, hopefullyyy he likes it when it arrives. If he doesn't, I have faith that we could sell it pretty easily and find something else. Here's the link to the tux: Pretty sharp right?

Also, I found out I was wrong, the farmers market at Courthouse i
n Arlington issss open year-round, so I'm going to go check them out and see if I can talk to someone about what's available in March. I still want to check out the Alexandria one too, we just have more options now.

I've been playing in buttons this weekend! The more robust flowers look Much better, but yeah I needs more buttons!! I pretty much exhausted my supply of the best sized ones, all I have left are mostly the tiny ones, or really grungy ones, and then a lot that would really be best as the accent on top rather than layering..

I'm having dress withdrawals. I want to see it again! So I'm probably going to go get it from Jessika some evening this week and then take it to this shop in Georgetown who said they mayyy be able to convert the neckline for me. I guess it depends on the way the dress was built, so we'll see.

Also I'm thinking I might try to make my veil.. Birdcage ones look fairly easy to make! Supplies are pretty cheap.. I may buy a fancy fascinator (example) from an etsy seller but.. maybe I'll make that myself too. I've got time to experiment, if I can't do it, I know I can find what I want on etsy.


  1. Wow, Rachel, you've been busy with the buttons! That bouquet looks great!

    I have to admit, I had no idea what a 'fascinator' was... OK, I didn't know what a birdcage veil was, either, until you explained it. Anyway, that looks lovely! If you make your own fascinator, are you considering affixing the elements with a small spray of buttons, perhaps? Could look cute, if you played with it a bit.

    Just to be clear (and neither the veil nor the fascinator in this pic are the ones you're talking about, exactly, I know), is this the general idea?

    Looks enchanting, and you will be stunning in that... with that dress?? Oh my. B-E-A-U-tiful.

    Btw, if you need a ride to pick up the dress, let me know. I will even happily throw a clean sheet over the back seat to prevent transference of doggie hairs. :)

  2. yeah that's the general idea, but I'll be playing with different looks for fascinators and different lengths/angles of the veil itself. :)

    actually I think Jessika is going to bring the dress to meee, but thanks for the offer!

    I'd never heard of a fascinator until I started looking into veils and headpieces.

  3. OK, cool. Erm, does the MOB get visitation rights? Maybe the MOB and the MOG could request a special viewing? I know you want some mystery left by the wedding day, so I *sniff* understand if you want to keep it under wraps from here on. *Sigh* LOL, yes, I am a brat. But I'm OK with that. :)

    Glad to know that I'm not the only one to whom fascinators is a new concept. Oh, and just looking at that etsy site, I can see that there are lots of variations in the veil shape/placement/length, etc. What fun, though, to play with all the ideas! I LOVE that look for you!!

    What time am I picking you guys up for the tasting tomorrow?

  4. The tux looks good- looks like Zach. I had no idea what a fascinator is either- glad to have learned a new word! You will look so good in that type of headpiece/birdcage veil/fascinator. The buttons definitely need to be in the wedding- but I am so glad real flowers will be there too- I would have missed them!