Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love lists. but these are really ridiculous.

oh man so. I have this blog on my reader, I think I may have mentioned it before, called A Practical Wedding. This girl does not mess around. She is definitely making me feel awesome for wanting the kind of wedding we're planning. A few days ago she was talking about how mainstream wedding media make normal people trying to plan a wedding completely stressed out - and her latest post is basically her reaction to the planning lists the major bridal magazines tell you are extremely important. It's hilarious. Maybe only for me because I'm looking at all these blogs and magazines all the time and having Very similar reactions to all this crazy over-the-top freak-out hullaballou that the Industry advises for the ideal wedding..

Just as an example, if I go to (and yes I have a log-in ID there but I quickly learned it was making me insane so I don't use that site), under planning tools, they give me a Huge long list of things I need to do THIS MONTH, including some with big purple exclamation points next to them implying urgently that I needed to have these done Last month. And they give you no option to delete some that don't apply to your wedding. you just have to stare at the exclamation point next to it throughout your planning process, apparently.

Anyway here's the link to the Practical post about lists:
"The List: The 4 - 5 Months Out Version."

* Choose Songs. Songs for when the wedding party is introduced. Songs for during dinner. Songs for getting the party started. Keep a running list of songs you do and do not want played. Are you OCD? If not, become OCD. (See, this is nervous breakdown material. Apparently I need to hire a Hollywood pro to write a multi-hour soundtrack. Ack. Ack.)"

the best part about that one was actually that in the comments section, someone actually thought the bridal magazine had literally suggested people develop OCD. LOL.

anywayyy yeah we haven't been doing any big amazing planning the past few weeks. I'm definitely fine with that, even though I had So Much Fun in the blitz following our engagement. Every once in a while I get all riled up and go "oh but we've got do--!" and then I take a deep breath and go.. No, not actually. We have a year.

Except now it's technically less than a year!! weeee!

I'm kind of done with the whole wedding magazine frenzy EXCEPT for Martha Stewart Weddings. I just found out there's a new issue out or coming out soon and I'm actually really excited about it. So many fun crafty projects in there!!

I was disappointed to learn recently that none of the farmers markets around here open until May.. I sort of had this fantasy that we'd be able to arrange with vendors at the farmers market for fresh flowers and at least some of the food supplies for the caterer.. Le Sigh. I'm sure we'll find a way to buy local, it's just not going to be as easy-peasy as I'd hoped. The Fairfax Saturday Market happens right up the street from our venue!!! Beginning May 2. Gah.

Fun stuff coming up:
Tomorrow, April 3 - Running of the Brides (and then later this bride will really be running, Crystal City 5K, 6pm)

Sunday, April 5 - completely unrelated to the wedding but still freakin me out: Cherry Blossom 10-miler!! 7:40am. EEEE

Tuesday, April 14 - tasting with the purple onion!

TBD: Zach and I are planning to pop into the After Hours or After Six whateveritscalled tuxedo shop on Wilson Blvd one of these days, check out some tuxes and vests and things...!


  1. I want my very own song played whenever I enter the room.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! Excellent, Elaine!! I'm thinking, "Boom shakalakalaka boom shakalaka"

  3. I think that captures my personna.

  4. Rachel I'm on The Knot, but rather than let myself get stressed on the extraneous "To Do" list stuff, I just checked off the ones which didn't apply to me. Once you check them off they disappear and then you're left with a nice list of reminders. (Very helpful when your future spouse is a great thinker but a terrible do-er.)

  5. haha yeah after I posted that comment about the Knot list, I realized that I could just check the box and those items would disappear, and nobody from the Knot would be saying Uhn-uhhh you didn't actually COMPLETE that item you liar!!!

    however, I've found the lists on are easier to work with so I've been using that site for planning.