Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I think I found my hair salon

Oh man I just happened to stumble upon this review when I was looking at Yelp.com for restaurants that could work for the rehearsal dinner.

SanDee's Hair Studio. Look at the pictures of the place! omg! Amazing! I've just sent her an email asking if we could book the place for the morning or afternoon of the wedding day.. such amazing potential for photo ops!

On the rehearsal dinner front, this place looks pretty neat, but I have no idea if it could accommodate us. I sent them an email, we'll see! Maybe it's just me but a dinner with wine pairings sounds Awesome.

This place also looks gooood, I'd be interested in doing some in-person recon there. mmm indian buffet... Their website says they do "onsite dosa parties." I don't want to sound like an idiot and ask them what the heck that means - anybody know? Wikipedia tells me what a dosa is, still not quite sure how you make a party of it... oh dang I just realized that website only shows locations in Gaithersburg and some other place in MD... phooey! I guess there's a difference between "Woodland" and "Woodlands." :-(