Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eight Weeks What?

I was just going to title this post "Another 9 1/2 Weeks" as a fun use of a movie title, and then I went and counted and it's actually 8 1/2! and not really much of a half, eight weeks and 2 days! so that's kind of insane.. in a good way. :)

Stumbled upon my officiant's new blog, here it is if you'd like to get to know her: I'm certainly looking forward to following it, hopefully she keeps it up! 

Things have been coming along since my last update - we've got rings ordered, rehearsal dinner's all figured out, we've started dance lessons, etc. Least favorite chore so far: cleaning jars. We've been collecting them for months, but we're just now getting around to cleaning the labels off and it's kind of a pain.

The last few nights we've been working on getting the invitations together, so they'll be in the mail soon!! That's very exciting. If I had to describe them in one word, that would be "crooked." haha. 

Oh and I had a great meeting with my mother and one of her bosses at Petal's Edge - they're awesome! We figured out the flowers we'll need for the bouquets and all that. I kind of knew before the meeting, but definitely decided after the meeting, that the farmers market flower thing is just not going to work. The MOG put it best when she said it would be a great idea for a very small wedding with like 20 people or something. Not really for one on this scale, when it's not exactly next door to the farmers market, etc. I'm fine with it, less stress = a good thing. We've got some great ideas up our sleeves for the centerpieces, I think it'll be fine.

Coming up, I have a meeting with our caterer on February 1st, to go over the details and look at place settings and all that. Oh and I have to take care of this tiny little detail of getting my dress to fit me properly. Turns out the shop I was going to go to for alterations has closed! So I need to find a different one, umm, very soon.

Poll: what's your top favorite song to dance to at a wedding?