Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the officiant update

Zach and I had our meeting with the officiant last night. It went well! We liked her. I think we'd both prefer to have someone we both already know really well, who knows us - but since that's not possible, I really don't have super high standards for who I'd like to conduct our ceremony. Not speaking for Zach, my hopes for the meeting were that she would have a plan for the ceremony, and that she didn't annoy me, or rub me the wrong way. And she was great, she was very warm and easy to talk to and presented a very professional proposal for how she would personalize and conduct our ceremony. That's really all I can ask for.

I have this nagging feeling that we Should interview other people for the job, maybe find a better price or someone we connect with even more. However. I just really don't feel like it! She had a lot of good ideas for different things we can do (some ideas didn't really jive with us but we can veto anything we don't like), and what she does is pretty neat - we each fill out a questionnaire (separately, and then we share our answers with each other) about our relationship, ourselves, what we love about the other person, etc. etc., and she even offered to interview friends and family about us if we wanted her to. Then she takes what we've talked about and what we've said in our questionnaires, and writes up a draft. She sends it to us, we go through it and make whatever edits we want - re-write the whole thing, take out whole sections, amend wording here and there, whatever. And together we create a really personalized and meaningful ceremony! Which sounds awesome.

Included in her fee, she also conducts the rehearsal, provides cue cards to whatever musicians and coordinators or anyone else who might be helping out, and a few other little extras that seemed nice.

Sooo, we're going to think about it for a bit. We've got Plenty of time.


  1. The officient sounds promising, but like you said, you have plenty of time to think this decision through. I like the little lanterns. They are simple, decorative and functional. I can do the Running of the Brides on the 3rd if you want me.

  2. oooh cool! If you really feel like going all the way up to White Flint, I would love to have you along. :)

  3. I agree with Elaine, she sounds good! When do you have to commit to her? You may change your mind down the road a bit, about interviewing others, if someone else is recommended to you or something.

    I like the idea of the really personalized service, though. Much better than the impersonal by-the-book service.


  5. What's an officiant? Are they of any denomination? There are some celebrants who do secular weddings... I dunno how important that is to you.

  6. the officiant conducts the ceremony - and she is a "certified celebrant," and does all kinds of ceremonies - religious and secular. And yes, ours will be secular.