Thursday, March 5, 2009

a case for multicolor

I think I've found the solution to our attire dilemma: here. ..haha jk.

No, I'm liking more and more the multi-color idea. Marnie sent me this picture as an example, and while I think this looks so nice because she has a billion bridesmaids, I might be able to get away with something similar - either variations of one shade OR maybe a few different colors. The difficulty would be having lots of color but not looking all crazy like a circus or something.

I also found this picture inspiration board for a multicolor wedding and I like it!

Not like: the way blogger embeds photos in blogs. I just have to kee
p repeating this.

I don't want to go totally over-the-top girly with a pink wedding, but considering the sort of whimsical feel the buttons will likely lend to the day, in addition to the rather informal ceremony/reception hall, I think sticking with something formal like brown/crea
m/blue or brown/cream or brown/cream/pink would maybe not work as well. Plus honestly if we had a few different colors it would make sorting my buttons a heck of a lot easier.. ;)

Also, at the risk of sounding super cheesy, having shades of dark blue/light blue/pinks/oranges/yellows/greens COULD work together to create something reminiscent of a sunset which I would love. I at least want to make sure when we walk into the reception hall, we'll all remember that it's SPRING and be happy. Brown and blue just isn't screaming that for me.

And then there's This inspiration board/color palette.. I feel like Zach could get behind this one, and a theme along these lines would go well with our venue.

One of the hardest things is definitely keeping the venue in mind. It's perfect, don't get me wrong, but there are definitely things I would love to do if we were going to be outside in a tent, or someplace a little more open. Or if I had different Chairs...

..PS I just looked up the stationery company that made the pieces in that inspiration board - Hammerpress - love them!! they also do posters and other stuff. Must share this with Zach!


  1. First of all, let me say that I LOVE the multi-colored dresses idea! It will work in smaller numbers than the billion the chick in the photo had (seriously!! 12????), as long as you don't try to use full-saturation primary colors (like fire-engine red, cobalt blue, etc.), and try to keep them in the same color family, you will be fine.

    Here's a link to a 12-step color wheel that might help in your visualization:

    Scroll down to the "Analogous Colors" section, and keep in mind that the three (or more) colors you choose can be ANY group of adjacent colors, not just obvious ones like red, orange, yellow. You can print the full color wheel out (or I can paint you one, in softer tones if you prefer), then cut a wedge-shaped hole out of a piece of plain paper to use as a viewfinder. Just hold it over different groupings to find one that suits you guys!

    I think that would work SO WELL with the button theme, and it would have the added bonus of being unusual and cheerful!

    I sure wish I'd gone to see the venue with you, but I agree; it's good to keep the environment in mind when you're considering what to put into it. Have you given any thought to how you want the hall decorated? Obviously not specific colors yet, but kind of a general idea? Maybe we should have a sketching session sometime; you can bring pics of the place and magazine tear sheets of ideas you're considering, and I can try morphing the two (or several) into an artist's conception of the final look? Just a thought, and an offer.

    That last color palette of cornsilk and federal blue (or whatever you call those hues) is lovely! Soft and vintage-y, not formal but not frivolous, either. And the buttons fit right in with it!

    Good thing you're taking the weekend off from wedding stuff; I'll bet your brain is about to explode with ideas, and it's prob a good idea to give yourself (and ZP) a break. You've definitely got some good stuff here!

  2. I really like this idea as well. I can go to town on the colors for the edible buttons on the cake too!