Tuesday, March 3, 2009

an argument for blue

OK I just went and searched out a bunch of examples of blue/brown dresses. What do you think of these?

I understand there is a general objection to strapless dresses - that's fine, I'm probably going to just pick the fabric and color and you can choose your own dress shape. Just in terms of what kind of blue, what do you think? I really like first one the best, and the brown ones with the blue sash look pretty good right?

...oh dang I just saw another idea for "edible" centerpieces - coffee beans!! :-o picture this with anything but pink carnations (not my favorite).


  1. I definitely like the first two best, but I have to say, as much as I like blue, I think the brown dresses with blue accents are nicer. I think brown and a brighter blue could be cute too, something like this combo (click on the chocolate/turquoise icon):


  2. I love the coffee bean/flower idea! You could use hydrangea blossoms or other flowers of the same shade, and with the brown coffee beans you'd be keeping the theme... you prolly already thought of that.


  3. I like the blue color of the dresses in the 3rd picture down.

  4. I love that one too! you mean the dress part right, not the sash? I was thinking that could be a nice blue/green that could complement blue eyes and brown eyes in my maids, and I would feel better about that color in terms of my own eyes/skin tone. Marnie reminded me that I do need to keep in mind what colors make ME happy, and as much as I like some of those blues in theory, when it comes down to it I'm not sure I can picture them at "my" wedding.

  5. yeah the blue in the dress part. really pretty. :)