Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the color problem

My mother and I went to Michaels this past weekend to look for supplies for making button bouquets and other fun decorations for the wedding, and I came across a whole aisle of ribbon and it made me very happy and at the same time completely insane. So many choices!! :) But so many choices. :(

I cannot seem to commit to a color scheme. Obviously, it's not that big of a deal at this point, we have plenty of time to decide. Still, I can't help but think about it all the time.

Zach and I both like the idea of brown. Maybe brown suits/tuxes, maybe not, but we like brown. Definitely it would match the venue, with all those dark beams. But one does want a Splash of color (thank you Nathan Lane), and it's that part that's getting me. We picked up a bunch of ribbon in yellows and oranges and I generally like that idea, but I don't feel committed to it. Also it's so easy to go too retro using brown, yellow and orange. Originally Zach suggested green, and I was resistant to it because his brother's wedding was a lot of green, and I don't want to copy them.

However. I do love green. And it's so darn springy. I also love pink. And the way bare pre-spring trees look against a dusky blue sky... Blue is not "my color" but it would look darn good on my bridesmaids - well, 3 out of 4 of them were made for blue, Marnie can pull it off but she'd probably prefer brown!

Hmm.. Scenario: Mary's wearing a tux anyway, so she'd be in brown with blue accents, then if we put Sarah next in blue, then Marnie in a brown dress with blue sash or something, then Kara in blue.. That could work!

Another thing though.. brown and blue.. so baby shower right?! I don't want it to look like a baby shower.

Anyway one awesome thing from the Michael's trip - we found a new idea for the button flowers. I picked up a small bag of antiquey looking buttons, and also in the packet were several sets of paper flowers with neato patterns. So my mom layered a single button, or a small button on top of a larger button, on top of one of the paper flowers - difficult to describe but they came out super cute! I'm trying to find the set on michaels.com, can't seem to find it. I think it could add a new dimension to the button bouquets.

Have I mentioned the latest idea for the favors? I can't keep up with it all sometimes.. But Sarah suggested giving out candy buttons for the favors, and I want to put them in these tins! My mother has volunteered to hand paint each one. Guess I'd better order them soon so she can start painting..!


  1. I definitely like the idea of brown with some other color as accent, as it definitely evokes a feeling of early spring. I think brown and blue might be the most eye pleasing color combination, but green or yellow would maybe be more spring-like. Obviously, I'm pulling for blue :) I associate a particular shade of blue with baby showers (I think its called, um, baby blue), so I think if you went with a darker blue, or a blue-green, you could avoid a baby-shower feel.

  2. Sarah, stop beating me to these comments! I keep just saying, "I agree with Sarah!" Sheesh.

    I agree with Sarah that the baby shower feel could definitely be avoided... besides I don't remember seeing a lot of brown at a baby shower.

    I actually like the brown/blue or brown/green combo better than brown/yellow, unless it's brown/yellow/green (I keep thinking of those forsythia flowers!). No reason, just personal opinion ('cause that's so helpful, I know). :)

  3. Yeah, forsythias and daffodils are usually the first flowers in spring, which is why I suggested yellow, but yellow and brown would kind of feel a bit too retro 70s ugly

  4. I think the blue and brown would work really well. You shouldn't discount green, because of Andy's wedding, if you prefer it. You would probably have a different shade of green anyway, and the brown will give it a completely different look. Oh this is so much fun to talk about these girlie things! I haven't had much of a chance to do this with three sons!!!!! Thanks for including me.