Thursday, March 5, 2009

crafty pictures!

Here are some photos of the button flowers I/we have made so far. I just worked on a bunch more this eve.

OK nevermind. I forgot uploading pics here is kind of a pain. So instead, here's a link to a bunch of photos - some from Old Town Hall, and a bunch of button and paper flowers.


  1. I am SO in love with the paper/button combos!!

    And, by the way, I kind of like the chairs at the hall; the backs have a more interesting shape than the usual plain chairs, and they've got padded seats! What more could you want? :)

  2. OOH! And I forgot to mention how PRETTY the spiral paper flowers are that you made out of magazine pages!! Have you figured out how to affix them to stems yet? I'm guessing that nifty little glue gun is going to come in pretty handy! :)

  3. yeah you're right, the chairs could be worse. At least they're not metal folding chairs.. They're just kind of dark and drab is all.. We will make them work!

    No I haven't figured out how to affix the paper flowers to any kind of stem.. the darn things fall apart very easily. I think they'll work better with a thicker stock - but I do like the idea of using the magazine pages, would make me feel better about compulsively buying so many of them over the past few weeks.. I will try the glue gun - but I need your glue!

  4. Oh right! Heh heh, I guess that just means we get another play date, right? :) :)

    I think if we take a stem and bend the end of it into a little hook, it will give the glue something to hold onto. Then either hold the flower in the shape you want, or temporarily tape it together on the side, squirt some glue into the bottom of the flower and while it's still warm and pliable, shove the hook end of the stem into the glue blob. If we shape it just right, the blob covered with floral tape will look like the base of a flower bud! Might take some practice, but we're resourceful chickies and we can make it work, I'm sure.

    OR, if you WANT to mess around with it by yourself, I will drop off the glue sticks to you over the weekend. But remember, this weekend the wedding talk is hush-hush. :) Can you do it?? Haha.

  5. no I don't want to do it this weekend! we are taking a break from wedding planning, I don't want to do any kind of crafty stuff either. As much as I'll be Thinking about it fairly often, I do need a break.