Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am getting a little frustrated with my venue search. Howww is there not just a big room with a sound system and a kitchen I can rent out and hire a reasonably priced caterer who will provide silverware and glassware and all that, and I can bring my booze and cake and somebody else will clean up after us..? seriously? in the dc metro area this does not exist?? I'm sure it does. I just have to keep looking.

For a brief moment I thought I might get away with hosting our wedding at Union Station's Columbus Club room, it's only $1,500 for the site rental, I thought they might allow us to bring in outside food/beverages.. But no, I got a quote back from them that explained they have one caterer they allow, and the package they offer is $150/person, not including beverages........ Dang. So that's out.

I finally called the State Theatre but this Johanna lady was not in, so I left a message.

Here are some other venues I'm looking into:

The Equality Center
(contacted, waiting for a quote)

Ingleside Vineyards
(contacted, waiting for quote. also I didn't realize at first how far away it is, would practically be a destination wedding... but I'll wait to find out if we could afford it)

Durant Center (haven't contacted them, not sure what it is exactly but it's in Alexandria, some site told me it was good for weddings)

Wakefield Chapel & Stone Mansion
(There are a number of Fairfax county locations that could work, I thought the chapel looked cute - reminded me of the one in Rocky Horror Picture Show, honestly. it's non-denominational so I don't mind it. unfortunately there isn't a reception location toooo close by, but I like the stone mansion idea. have requested information, waiting to hear back)

There are some other places I'm looking I just can't remember them all. Here are the sites I'm using to search, if anyone has any better ideas please pass them along.

I've looked at and all those types too. I'd be open to a hotel wedding if one exists that charges less than $100/person.. Unfortunately hotels always require in-house catering, I couldn't have Sarah's cake and they'd way overcharge me for alcohol sooo I don't think I'm really interested. They would probably also poo-poo my buttons idea.


  1. Reception venue possibility:
    International Student House, 1825 R Street NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    accomodates up to 130 people, is BYOB, full-service catering, no kitchen facilities available onsite though, and not sure if Victorian is your schtick...

  2. yeah I saw that one too actually! I looked at it a bit, definitely interested, can't remember why I didn't request info yet.. I will contact them. I saw somewhere on their site they sometimes have musically talented residents who will play the piano for you.. so that could be neat.

  3. If you can get your goofy cousin Matt to come, he could kick the sh** out of the piano thang!! I'm guessing your guest list is not expanding to cousins, though... just a thought. :)