Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Athenaeum

OK new site idea!

The Athenaeum, Old Town Alexandria (map). Really pretty part of town, close to the water.. Not sure why I didn't have this on my list before, a 5-hour Saturday rental, including the required membership, is $1,350. Looks like we could probably do our ceremony there too, in one of the galleries? ..Something in their wording leads me to wonder if the maximum capacity includes multiple rooms.. I would not want to split up our guests into different rooms, so we'll have to take a look.

Maybe my mother, et al., would like to join us on a site visit there sometime soon? :)


  1. DUH!! Of COURSE your mother would like to join you on a site visit!! Have you taken leave of your senses, child??

    Btw, the Athenaeum looks lovely! I'm curious about the "building is not for rent Thursday through Sunday from 1 - 4 PM" bit. Does that fit with your timing preferences?

    Also, wonder if I joined the Northern Virginia Art Association, perhaps they'd let me be the featured artist in the galleries next March, and I could create a series of paintings to your specifications. Don't worry, I'm just throwing that out there with no expectation of it meeting with any kind of approval. Just a thought. :) I do think that I should join the Association, though.

    You are spot-on about that chapel!! OMG it has PERFECT stamped all over it!!

    I love your venue choices! I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot.

    A coach rental isn't a bad idea, btw. Especially if the hotels are near the reception locale, so that people can get to their hotels without the bus having to shuttle back and forth all evening. People can take it from the hotel to the wedding, and from the wedding to the reception, and Bob's yer uncle. No one will have to drive... er, fuzzy, which is a good thing to consider.

    You're doing a great job on the research, Rache.

  2. Oh, it's also interesting to note that the main gallery at the Athenaeum is 'flodded' with natural light. Spellcheck, anyone?

  3. haha yes I noticed the flodded too! hilarious.

    that would be super neat to have your paintings featured next March! regardless I agree you should join the association.

    and yes, I'm still shooting for an evening event so that timing is fine.