Friday, February 27, 2009

Edible centerpieces

I would like to state for the record that this was already an idea I've been thinking about! But this picture from the Earth Friendly Wedding blog really sums it up pretty well. I love the idea of lemons, oranges and/or apples in the centerpieces - maybe oranges/apples would be better because then guests could actually eat them throughout the reception - with any leftovers I/we could make pies! Though I'm not sure how I would do that when I fully plan to leave for the honeymoon the next day.. If we used lemons I was thinking we could make lemonade, or use them in cocktails or to flavor the water.. I dunno! But I'm going to keep noodling that idea..

Oooh and I just found this basket that could hold zee fruits!

Another blog I like to check in on sometimes is Offbeat Bride. Some of the ideas there are wayyyy over the top for me but every once in a while I pick up a neat idea.

I also love this idea of using mismatched vintage plates - I don't care if they're "vintage" but if I can find them at Goodwill and they're cool looking, it would be neat to use them.

I'm thinking I want to find a great pair of non-ivory colored shoes to wear. I'm thinking pink, orange or blue (could be my something blue?) - I like these, though the site calls them red. Is it just my monitor or do these shoes look pink??

Have I talked about the birdcage veil yet? I can't remember. But I want one. Who thinks I could pull this off?

For the send-off, I was thinking we could have everyone throw lavender or jasmine at us instead of bird seed/bubbles/stones/etc. - I wonder if the two scents would mix well if we made up combo bags of lavendar and jasmine... How would we package it to give to guests so they know it's for throwing at us and it doesn't get everywhere inside before the send-off..?

Can you tell I'm getting tired of embedding photos in this thing? Hope the links work ok!


  1. Oh man, Rachel, it's a good thing I don't ever plan to get married cause you're taking all the good ideas! :) Seriously, I love the mismatched plate idea and the edible centerpiece. The shoes do look pink. I definitely think you could pull off the birdcage veil. I just saw a movie the other day where someone was wearing one and I thought of you!

  2. First of all, I LOVE the lemons with the little white fleurs!! Perfect for the (current) color scheme! :) And if you wanted to make pies, there's always lemon meringue!

    I also love the vintage plates idea, and you've got plenty of time to go to flea markets (better luck there than at Goodwill, maybe?) and yard sales. Benefit of being very cool and unique AND Earth-friendly!

    Those shoes are definitely NOT red; they look like a fuschia/salmon-ish pink. Depending on the dress, it could look pretty cool. I'm trying to picture these with the French lace dress you tried on (omg what an amazing dress), and it's not really working for me, but it would be interesting to see them together... I could be completely wrong. (Hey, it could happen.)

    And I LOVE the birdcage veil! I never knew what that was called, but my mother used to wear hats that had that on them, very cool! Of course you could pull it off! I think it would look elegant with a hairstyle similar to the one you had for Marnie's wedding!

    And last but not least, the best way to tell if you are offended by the combined scent of lavender and jasmine is to come to yo mama's house and we'll put a drop each of the essential oils (which I happen to possess) in a dish for your olfactory consideration. Personally, I think they smell lovely together. The lavender has a kind of spicy bite that cuts the jasmine's tendency to be cloying.

    And that's what I've got for now. :)

  3. I guess I should have clarified the pink shoes statement - I'm picturing funky colored shoes only if I have a lot of petticoat stuff going on. Or maybe even a dress like the Sarah Danielle (dress #2 in other post). I don't think I would want to wear pink shoes with that Jim Hjelm dress though.

    Wouldn't essential oils be stronger smelling than just the dried buds? I'm thinking I might just buy a small bag of each and see how strong their scents are.