Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decorations ETC

Haven't had a lot of time the past couple days to obsess over wedding stuff.. But today I did pick up another wedding magazine and ripped out a few more dress pictures, and went to some websites they've suggested for various money-saving ideas.. So far I like the best. They have giant centerpiece-size martini glasses! :-o actually those are probably too expensive but they have a lot of other stuff, including some more eco-friendly options. I'm kind of in idea-overload right now, I have hundreds of ideas but they wouldn't all go together.. it's hard to commit to a color scheme/theme/etc.!!

Last night I finally found my pipe cleaner
s so I started playing around with my buttons.. I don't know that I'll want to use pipe cleaners in the end, but they're good for practicing. Here's a pic of the flowers I've made so far! The buttons still need a good cleaning, the ones from Grandma in particular have umm, seen better days. But I think the idea has potential. Sorry the pic is blurry, took it on my cell phone..

I also discovered a new blog I think I need to follow - Earth Friendly Weddings. Perfect!

I was supposed to go running tonight, wooops! I got distracted.


  1. Your button flowers look great, Rache! I think you might be better off getting floral wire and floral tape to make the final versions, but obviously that's your call.

    For cleaning the buttons, I think the best way would be to use an old toothbrush dipped in water, then in baking soda, then just rinse them (using a colander would make that really easy) in warm water. Only my suggestion, you understand. :)

  2. OH MY!! I just went to the Save-on-crafts web site... holy moley they have a lot of cool stuff!! I can see how easy it is to get distracted looking at all of the options!! :)