Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Town Hall

For those of you who've gone to the Chocolate Festival in Fairfax, you should remember this building. I hardly remember how the layout was inside actually, so I'll definitely want to drag Zach there sometime soooon to check it out, but the Purple Onion catering lady suggested the venue so I contacted them for more info, and have already heard back! It sounds perfect. Except it's in Fairfax, but it's a rill cute part of town, and there are hotels and stuff not too far away. The site fee for the main hall on Saturdays is $1,500, and then we can also rent the upstairs for the ceremony at $75/hour, so that's really reasonable.

Also right around the corner from there is a restaurant that would be great for the rehearsal dinner - La Rue 123.

The best part is, they don't appear to have any restrictions on catering (meaning I can bring in Sarah's cake) and there's no alcohol beverage fee, as long as it's By Invitation Only and no cash bar. So we should be able to bring in our own alcohol.

I still would Prefer a spot closer in but I do love this part of Fairfax and it's not tooo far away. There are no hotels right Next to it, but we could definitely look into hiring a bus to get people back to their hotels, so we don't have to worry about designated drivers and all that.

..also how cute is this! The Stafford House is just half a mile away from the Old Town Hall, perfect for us to stay there Saturday night before leaving Sunday morning for the honeymoon.. Convenient to Dulles too!


  1. Wouldn't let me respond to your other post!! :( but i love this town hall idea! i remember thinking that was a pretty space - has nice antique wood floors i think.....

    as for your pictuuuures!

    oh my gosh, of course the scenic memorials and nature pics would be pretty, but i luvluvluv the idea of a pic of you two brunching at bob & ediths. Made me think of happy Rachel holding up a mug of coffee to face and sighing with contentment. Favorite Rachel face! (gotta be in zp's top 5 as well :) ) (and. not sure if i just made that up in my head, but i'm preeeetty sure you do that!)

    Also really love the metro/bus pics idea, that instantly brought a bunch of cute images to mind! Karaoke is great too of course- let me know if you need "extras" to be cheering you guys on. :)

  2. LOL I can see myself doing that. I love a warm cup of coffee on the face in the morning.. SIGH. :)

    fo sho I'll let you know when we do the karaoke shots! :)

  3. I LOVE it! I'll pray that you get it. Just a question, you probably already saw, but they have refrigeration there, but no cooking is allowed, so will there be a place where Sarah can do her baking...? Also, whether or not there is ENOUGH refrigeration there for the caterer AND the cupcakes...?

  4. hmm welll I don't think she'd have time to actually bake the cake on site anyway (and most places I'm finding actually specify no cooking on site is allowed, it all has to be cooked off-site and then just warmed.. no wonder wedding food is always gross!). I'm hoping between my apartment, Mom's apartment, Zach's parents' house maybe? We can find a place where she can bake/decorate.

  5. :) anyway thanks for loving it. I will try to post pictures of the inside this weekend!

  6. Oh yeah, there is no way I'm baking on site! I'm hoping that I can use Kris's place, though i haven't asked yet :) Also, we're talking a three-tiered cake, not cupcakes (!) and I'm planning on covering the cake with fondant or chocolate clay, which will protect the cake, and so long as Rachel doesn't request a filling that requires refrigeration it will be OK to be out at room temp for a few days if need be.