Thursday, February 19, 2009

those crazy Brits

Had a dermatologist appointment this morning, and on my way there I popped in a store and bought umm three wedding magazines (waiting room reading matter you know) and I accidentally bought one that said "UK's Hottest Wedding Ideas." All I saw was "Wedding Ideas," but it's ok because even though all the ads for vendors and venues are in the UK and irrelevant, they had a lot of nifty ideas I can use. Also. Best part. I found out they call the bachelorette party a "hen party." all the articles were like "so gather your hens for a nice spa day" and there were a bunch of ads using the term too, they were all "bring your hen party to our club for your last wild night out!" and stuff. LOL. I love it. I mayyy insist on calling the bachelorette party the Hen Party. HAHA.

In other news... Sigh. I heard back from the State Theatre. They let me know I probably don't want to do an evening event there, minimum required is $12,500. She said the daytime idea could work, the minimum required is $6,500 - but then she said usuallyyy when all is said and done the daytime events end up running around $11 - $13,000. So boooo. Actually she just sent me an estimate from a previous event that ran $11,200-ish, but that was a luncheon for 100, I wonder if brunch for 75 or 80 would be significantly cheeeeper... I thought this idea was totally out but nowww I'm thinking maybe there's room to think about it, at least. Now that I know State Theatre's prices maybe I can find other venues Like that but less expensive. hmmmm..

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  1. Holy Mackerel!!

    Are you SURE hot dogs on paper plates is such a bad idea???