Saturday, February 28, 2009


The upstairs area for the ceremony...

a side view of the upstairs - window! uh! :)

Downstairs in the main hall...

I have several other pictures, it's too annoying to post them here so I may start a new Picasa web album and share the link here later..

SO yep we loved it. Zach's parents both came with us to view Old Town Hall this evening and we all agreed it was awesome and perfect. EEE!! :) :)

They were setting up for an event for 80 people, it was great - we could have just walked in and had our reception. Definitely nice to see it set up like that so we could be sure we'd all fit comfortably. We may want to fiddle with the layout a little, maybe add a couple tables so people aren't jammed elbow-to-elbow at each table. Also may consider doing something with those chairs... I dunno! We can worry about that later.

Upstairs, where we want to have the ceremony, is so cute. The windows are amazing, the walls are lined with books (it doubles as a library), and the back of the room has a sort of make-shift art gallery. The room was set up for like 130 people, but it was roughly as it would be for a wedding ceremony so we could visualize it pretty well.

In the back there's a little Librarian's Office that I'll use as my "holding area." Looks like it'll be great for those "preparations" pictures on the day. ..however I forgot to take any pictures for you guys. Sorrryyy!

Afterwards we went to dinner at Courtside Thai, which was an idea for the rehearsal dinner. The service was excellent, food was mostly great (except a lot of their dishes are fried, and some don't advertize they're fried, as Zach learned - but my meal was really delicious and not fried), the decor was ok, the space was maybe a Little tight. They'll seat 40, which is about the number we were shooting for, but we might like a little more breathing room. So definitely well worth the experiment, but we'll keep looking for other places. I'd love to check out Bombay Garden. But there are a lot of options, and we've got Several months to worry about that so I'm going to try not to till a bit later.


  1. Well, I finally figured out how to become a follower on this blog! The Old Town Hall really is perfect for the wedding. I got so excited when I saw it. I have to stop thinking about the wedding now and do some laundry.

  2. Congrats! I'm very excited for you! And i lurve your ideas in your last post - one of those plates in the link looks just like the ones my parents had when I was a kid! I'd be up to scouring yard sales and thrift stores with you! I think you could pull off that veil and i love the edible centerpieces! (once again, i suggest HAM!)

    make a post about your Ellie's trip!! did you still check out Athanaeum or just give up on that one since you were hoping for the Old Town Hall? I think i might've been to Bombay Garden before, i went to an Indian place in that old townish part of Fairfax with Amber one time...hmmmmm, i remember it being good!

  3. OOPS that posted as being Greg! lol! i'm on his comp, i didn't even realize it would do that! This is ELIZ if it does it again! bwaahahahaha.

  4. HAHAHA yeah, I was wondering why GREG was saying such girly things! Then I thought, maybe it is Male Gail? heehee

  5. HAHAHA yeah I was confused too! LOL. I didn't think even male gail would get that into it.

    Ok I will do a post about Ellie's.

  6. Oh, that looks perfect! It looks almost homey!! I'm happy for you that you found a place that suits both of you! *sigh* Wish I hadn't bailed that night.