Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my dream

I had a dream last night that the song for the Processional at the wedding would be "Kids" by MGMT. LOL. ..part of me really likes the idea actually.. haha we'll see.

I was searching nearby Old Town Hall on google maps for other restaurants that might work for the rehearsal dinner, and found a couple interesting ones. One sounds awesome - Courtside Thai, got great reviews on Yelp - but they have no website so maybe we can go take a look this Saturday when we go check
out the town hall (oh yes by the way we're planning to go check it out this Saturday evening! woop). I'm not even sure their place is big enough, not sure yet how big our dinner is going to be - also it's pretty early to worry about this. But I just like browsing... :) Also found Villa Mozart, which looks pretty classy.

All I want to do every day is play with buttons. Look what I found! Am i nuts or is this a perfectly acceptable non-tacky boutonniere? it's ok if you think it's tacky. please tell me what you think! I don't want Zach's groomsmen to feel ridiculous up there. I was thinking of working the wooden toggle ones in somehow - not into a design like this picture, but if we had a real flower and a mostly traditional boutonniere, maybe add a toggle or button just to tie it all in..

Just tried to draw my idea out in Paint, can't seem to get the vision out right.. But you get the idea. I tried to draw in some other small accent flower, little berries, baby's breath, and all attempts failed. So just try to envision it I guess.


  1. Haha! That would be awesome! (the song I mean) :) Also, I do not think the boutonniere is tacky, I think it could look really cool. I know what you mean about playing with buttons. I'm spending way more time than I should be checking your blog and researching cake decorating, and I'm practically bouncing waiting for the button molds to get here (should be this week!) so I can get started playing around with them!

  2. haha I'm happy you're excited. I need to get to Michael's for floral design supplies so I can start playing around with the button bouquet idea.

  3. I'm with Sarah on the boutonnière... I think it will look cool (either all buttons or your idea of the real flower with the button accent. Should I make the obvious joke about a button-ier? Haha... my apologies, I've been talking to my brother Tim today. :)

    That music is... interesting! LOL, I'm trying to picture how the walk down the aisle is going to go; like the belly dancers in the video or the 80s aerobics class?? Haha. Hey, it's your day, I say have a ball.

    I can't wait to see the magical creation that Sarah comes up with!! Button molds? It sounds AWESOME!

  4. lol the link to the youtube video was just so you could hear the song, I have no interest in working the video into the wedding! I think it could just be a regular walk down the aisle, except all the guests would be bouncing a little in their seats. ;) it wasn't for when I'll be walking down the aisle, just the maids, and I guess if we have a flower girl/ring bearer, which at this point.. I doubt we'll have.