Monday, November 23, 2009

woops it's November

heyyyyy sorry you inquiring minds got left out in the rain all these months. ..that metaphor probably doesn't work but it's raining right now so it's on my brain.

I can't really remember which things need updating so I'm just going to recap all that we've got worked out:

-venue, booked
-caterer, booked
-day-of coordinator, booked
-officiant booked, working on ceremony details now (readings, vows, etc)
-photographer, booked (not Gerardo but maybe he can be the second shooter, we're not sure yet)
-DJ, booked
-flower vendor, identified; centerpieces, conceptualized (theoretically)
-bridesmaid dresses, identified (hopefully to be ordered this month or early next)
-groomsmen attire identified (need to pick out ties)
-groom's attire mostly done (need to purchase vest)
-bride's attire mostly done (first dress sold off! haha. new dress bought, needs alterations)

big to-dos remaining:
-rehearsal dinner venue needs booking
-wedding dress alterations, bridesmaid dress ordering, MOH outfit TBD
-hair appointments need booking
-week-of/day-of schedules need working out (flowers and cake logistics in particular)
-programs, design & printing
-pick out and purchase wedding rings
-planning/booking mini-moon and/or honeymoon (depending on zp's class schedule)

And then of course there's the stuff like purchasing the wine/beer and delivering to caterer, and lots of other little details. Fun stuff. :)

Basically, everything is on schedule so far. But since we've just passed the 4-months-out mark, I imagine time is going to start speeding up and once we're passed the holidays it might start getting pretty hectic. soo.. weeee! Happy Thanksgiving.

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